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Terrafolia Flower Power

Terrafolia Flower Power

We at Terrafolia know how important your message is, we’ve been helping you convey your messages of love with beautiful fresh flowers for 47 years. Family owned and operated since 1976, you have trusted our expertise, attention to detail and reliability, all backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Montreal flower delivery fleet

WE do the work

All our gifts are arranged by experienced professional designers in shop and hand delivered by our own Terrafolia drivers and vehicles, or by our valued network members (who do the same) in other recipient areas.

We send FRESH

We send only fresh flowers, our gifts are never boxed and shipped from one location, so there’s no risk of damage or dehydration and your gift always arrives ready to be enjoyed. We never use FedEx or any other shipping company to deliver your gift of flowers, only our own professional and reliable flower delivery.

We are REAL

We at Terrafolia Flowers are 100% real florists. We operate out of an actual flower shop in Montreal that is 4000 sq. feet. Here, we do everything from receive flowers, process orders for delivery and serve all our valued clients. We’re not an order center full of customer service reps that don’t ever get to smell the roses (how sad for them!) And we’re certainly not order gatherers who skim off the top; there are no middlemen here. When you call us, you are calling our shop, you are talking to the same friendly staff who receive and clean our fresh flowers daily, who make bouquets for our walk-in clients, who design arrangements for delivery and who serve clients in person, on the phone and online… oh! and we love to stop and smell the roses!

There aren’t many florists, online or offline, who can say all that!

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A Little History

Terrafolia Flowers Inc. has been the purveyor of the fine art of floristry for over 47 years, with a commitment to bringing superlative floral products, creative designs, unique gifts and unsurpassed service to the leading corporations, small businesses and thousands of individual customers throughout greater Montreal and the world.

Established in 1976, Terrafolia has grown from a company of horticultural specialists, offering interior landscaping services, to become Montreal’s premiere floral delivery service and one of Montreal’s most complete, full service florists.

Terrafolia has become synonymous with the Montreal community’s commitment of growth through excellence. We have honed and crafted our skills to meet the ever-increasing demand for excellent, reliable and trustworthy floral delivery service for both corporate and personal needs.


Terrafolia’s Flowers & Plants

Terrafolia’s fresh flowers & greens are selected from the finest Dutch & European growers, as well as our established American & South American greenhouses, and, of course, from our own Quebec and Canadian farms. At Terrafolia Flowers, we also care about being socially and environmentally responsible, read more about Eco-Friendly Flowers. Each and every day, Terrafolia brings the finest fresh flowers from around the world to your doorstep.


Our Corporate Services

As the horizons of the business world continue to expand, flowers are becoming an increasingly important business tool. That’s because they say something special about you and your company, in any language.

Flowers are the perfect way to thank an employee or client, welcome a new partner, close a deal, congratulate an associate or simply to say, Happy Birthday, Congratulations, Happy Anniversary, Get Well – any occasion that calls for the human touch.

We are proud to offer many services to our corporate clients, please visit Corporate Services for more information.