Flowers for YOU

Choosing Flowers for you - Montreal Florist TerrafoliaYou deserve it

In terms of purchasing flowers for ourselves, Canada & the U.S. fall far behind Europe and Asian countries… do they know something we don’t? Many Europeans purchase flowers for their own enjoyment as often as they buy bread! Imagine your home with fresh flowers on the kitchen table, in the bathroom, bedroom, coffee table, home office… imagine how much more inviting these areas would be to others and more importantly, to you, if they were decorated with a small vase arrangement or even just one or two flowers.

Small investment, big return

To some, buying flowers for themselves may seem like extravagant spending. Depending on its variety and a little bit of attention most cut flowers will last from 6 to 14 days. Also, keep in mind that you do not need to spend a lot of money to make a big impact. For under 10$ a couple of blooms can add a big splash of color to any room.

Be happy

It is proven that flowers have an effect on us emotionally. Lifted spirits, relaxation and over all joy are proven direct results of being surrounded by or given flowers. Try it once and you’ll see what a difference having fresh flowers around the house makes to your environment and mood.

Be creative

If it can hold water, it can hold flowers, remember this when bringing home your flowers and trying to decide on a vase. A bowl, milk jug, kettle, bucket, pitcher, watering can, fish bowl, wine glass, even a toothbrush holder can all be used instead of a vase.

Take the time

Visit Terrafolia‘s floral emporium at take the time to smell the roses. You will be impressed with one of the most extensive collections of fresh cut flowers on display in Montreal. Our beautiful, newly renovated, temperature controlled 400 square-foot cooler lets you walk through our floral paradise, as you take the time to pick and choose your own floral favorites. Visit us soon and enjoy the unique experience.