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What to know about giving Rosh Hashanah Flowers for Jewish New Year

Having the pleasure of being situated in one of the largest Jewish communities of Montreal, Terrafolia Flowers is well positioned to send your Jewish New Year flowers. During this high holiday we would be honoured to provide your Montreal flower delivery.

Rosh Hashanah is a time of joy and celebration, but it’s also a deeply religious holiday that calls for reflection and introspection. By creating a beautiful and elegant Rosh Hashanah table, you can represent both the exuberance and solemnity of the Jewish New Year. If you’re not sure how to greet people for this high holiday, the catch-all greeting you can use is “Shanah tovah”, which means “Good year”.

Determine Your Color Scheme
Before you can begin planning your table, you need to determine your color scheme. White is traditionally associated with Rosh Hashanah. It is clean and bright, and represents purity and the blank canvas that is the year to come. Browns and reds can be used along with white to symbolize the coming fall, and greens can be a bright accent color that hints at energy and possibility. Once you’ve determined what colors you’re going to use, you can begin planning your tablecloths, centerpieces, and place settings. You’ll want colors to pop against one another, so try not to have the same color right on top of itself (for example, white placemats will be lost on a white tablecloth).

Isle of White Bouquet

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Plan Centerpieces
The size of your table will determine how many centerpieces you should have. Smaller tables will only need one centerpiece to bring a pop of festivity to the meal. Larger tables can use alternating centerpieces to move the eye across all of the decorations. Your centrepieces should match the rest of your table, and should be symbolically linked to the holiday. For example, a longer table set with a white tablecloth could look beautiful with Terrafolia’s Isle of White Bouquet in the middle of the table and small bowls of apples on either side. The green stems and accents in the bouquet will stand out against the white tablecloth, and the white flowers will tie together the other white elements on the table.

Place Settings
Rosh Hashanah is the perfect time of year to let yourself get fancy. Create a place setting that uses your nicest china and silverware, along with a cloth napkin that complements your color scheme. One way you can individualize your place settings is to personalize place cards for your guests. This is a great opportunity to give your guests a small, meaningful favor. You can fill a small mason jar or other glass container with local kosher honey, and attach a name tag. Use these honey jars to let your guests know where they should sit, and give them something to take home.